LYRICS: Sheperd – Grind(One Step Riddim) (Prod. By CaskeysOnit)

We a work harder
Work harder…
Yeah, Sheperd representing
Grind through the night (yeah..)
If ah nuh money vibe nuh border call me
Low mi (yeah..)
Poverty haffi low mi
Grind through the night (yeah..)
Nothing a easy
When wi done with the 9 to 5 mi have another session inna di evening
Verse 1
Truely, believe me nothing a easy
Truth is while u sleeping, memba money nuh know no sleeping
P.C., mi have a C.C.
Paid sight rich maga man a wink me
Next thing dem say mi lovely so dem nuh care the price a plane seat
Send me 1dollar, 10dollar
Mi grandmama need a surgery
Baby, today me buck another white fella
Him have money and a try buy me benzima..
Repeat Chorus
Verse 2
Landlord say mi owe water (..sort out)
R.S. From last six month. Light bills rate rise higher (..sort out)
Inna di gerison life tougher than mission inna x-factor ( lord)
Mi will rather invest some efforts than pose like a weak nigga
INM hustlers a make paper..
Wi a work harder, work harder
Cah wi never wan stay under
Things hard but wi work harder
Cah wi never wan stay under
Repeat Verse 1
Big up every hustler
INM wi seh for life. Life