“Teephlow is my favourite rapper for 2017” – Edem

I don’t know how Teephlow feels about this but for an eminent versatile Ghanaian rapper like Edem to have chosen him as his rapper of the year 2017, it’s a big deal. Judging from my personal criteria and analysis, Teephlow is one of the most amazing rappers of recent time. His style of rap is level headed, you feel the sense of maturity in his lyrics, in fact he has all the necessary ingredients to up his game even though he hasn’t shot into mainstream proper.

Edem with his artistic prowess, years of practice, technical know how and experience in the music business forsees Teephlow beyond the level he’s been rated (underrated), so he felt the need to come out of his shell to throw more light on Teephlow via his official twitter page. If Edem has certified him as his rapper in 2017, it means he has it. More is even expected of him based on the shine Edem has reflected on him. He only needs  national hits, needed attention and more shows. If you’ve not grabbed your copy of his PHLOWDUCATION EP album, the next thing you should be thinking of is getting one considering the packages of surprise loaded on it.

(Story: John Claude Tamakloe)




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