Best Wishes from “Afrocabello” the brand that advocates natural hair.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which year is being kicked out?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which year is being ushered in?

Here it is. Visibly displayed and ticking like a time bomb. Ha, the 2017 chapter of our lives will soon usher us to a new chapter called 2018. Whether much has been accomplished or not, it will come to pass. Like a dwindling memory, the past year will soon be gone and forgotten.

With our focus averred intensely on the way forward to making our lives better, “Afrocabello” the natural hair brand and hub that advocates natural hair growth will like to usher you into a “Naturalistically” New Year. We want to wish you a more organic choice of life filled with abundant health, less junk, bliss, ….endless are our wishes for you.

We wouldn’t have made it without your enormous support. Our appreciation ceaseth not because we appreciate people who appreciate African beauty and empowers women to rock their natural hair with confidence. That is what we stand for – our pride, our trade mark.

The founder Barbara Aessie Kportufe is a proud African. She’s obsessed with black hair and dedicates her time in researching and sharing ways and tips on how to grow and manage natural hair as people of African descent. She likes to experiment with a lot of her discoveries to see how it works on her hair

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