Yaa Jackson Addresses Critics In A New Rap Song

Budding Ghanaian actress-turned-musician, Maame Yaa Jackson, has faced a lot of criticisms since she surfaced in the music scenes some few months ago.

The 19 year-old singer has received a lot of backlash on social media for her choice of wardrobe as well as the content of her songs. Her first official single, ‘Tear Rubber’, had some not-too-decent lyrics and some raunchy scenes in the video which many found as too much from a teenager coming from an African home.

But it seems Ghanaians should expect more of these from Yaa Jackson as she’s not backing out any time soon.

She has addressed her critics in a new single (a rap diss song). Her message is quite simple; Ghanaians should leave her the hell alone to enjoy.
Watch the video below:


Source: Hasiya Parkie/AaceHypez