Criss Waddle savagely replies a fan who said he’s a scammer not a musician

AMG CEO, Criss Waddle took to his Twitter handle to reveal why he hardly grants interviews in Ghana.

According to his, most interviews are boring, following one trend.

The Biegya crooner tweeted:

“I hardly grant interviews cus it’s always boring… so when is the album coming out? Who did you feature on it? What should ur fans expect from u? What do u do aside music? Thank u very much for coming,we hope to have u here next time ah ah ah GHANA 😂😂”

Soon after the rapper made this revelation, a fan replied him saying that he’s a scammer and not a musician because he (the fan) has tried to remember any of his songs but he can’t even recall any.

Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

“Ma guy u are a scammer and no musician!! Still scratching my head on any of ur tracks and I can’t remember any!!!”, the fan replied.

Now Criss Waddle after seeing the fan’s reply didn’t let it go as he also responded in a savage manner:

“This tweet of yours came from a Techno phone I’m sure….🤣🤣🤣 no iPhone user can be this bitter when there is a temple run app 😩😩”, Waddle’s response reads.