Shatta Wale needs psychological support – SM fan cries out

A loyal Shatta Movement (SM) fan has expressed worry at the state of Shatta Wale and has said that the SM boss needs help perhaps psychological support taking into consideration his recent questionable behavior.

In a post on Facebook, Evans Gyamera Antwi noted that Shatta Wale could have been silent about his issue (Shatta Wale’s BJ expose) and it could have died a natural death instead of making unnecessary rants here and there.

Read the SM fan’s open letter to Shatta Wale from below;

“Seriously, Shatta Wale is not of himself and I believe the dude needs help. As a strong fan of him, I can count a lot of incidents that I’ve vehemently opposed to people’s assertions about him, however, on this BJ video, it’s seriously damaging, to say the least.

Initially, I said to myself that ‘this isn’t a big case’ and that it will die naturally because, fortunately for him and unfortunately for people who don’t like him and others who hate him, his face didn’t show up so nobody (except Michy and one or two #SM guys) can tell me that he/she can recognises the d**k of Shatta on TV, likewise the moaning at the background.

Although, pictures of the lady in #SM shirt had started flooding my timeline, I believed Shatta isn’t the only person in the group and since “a woman is a cob of maize for any mouth that has its teeth,” according to Ferdinand Oyono in his book #Houseboy, others can.

Shatta Wale hastily took to social media and in a way denied that it wasn’t him and didn’t post the video himself, while Natty Lee Gh moments ago also confirmed that he mistakenly posted that since it was his phone that Shatta was using at that time but again, Shatta in one way or the other confirmed it was him through the video—–#Jeeeeeeeeeesos!

For Christ sake, why didn’t nobody advise him to stay away from social media and relax so things can be worked out appropriately, or it was done but he doesn’t listen to advise like Kwesi Nyantakyi?

England international Dele Alli had his BJ video leaked few months ago with his face even showing but because of how he handled the situation, he left unscattered and currently playing in the World Cup with pride.

Shatta has always been my man and I like him for some reasons but he should slow down and listen to advise more often, rather than always talking and insulting others with his wealth.

Nyantakyi is/was very rich and powerful but he was brought down one-time because he didn’t adhere to an advise and never bothered to pick a certain call which would’ve prevented him from meeting the fake Sheikh in Dubai.

Today, he sleeps like a baby and even feel shy to attend functions. He had all his documents ready to sit beside Vladimir Putin and the likes in Russia in the ongoing World Cup but he’s not even getting the courage to watch it on TV with his kids and two wives.

I’m hugely disappointed and I hope my wife never hear this news about Shatta Wale because she doesn’t like him but……………#SM4LYF”.