Shatta Wale apologises over sex tape brouhaha; says it was a mistake

A few hours after receiving widespread criticism for releasing a sex video on social media, Shatta Wale has apologised.

In a statement signed by the Dancehall artiste, he apologised to his fans, the public, the media and his record label Zylofon Music, claiming the act was “unfortunate.”

Read the full statement below:

“For the unfortunate display of obscenity on my personal Snapchat platform on Tuesday, June 19 – a material that was mistakenly posted by one of my associates, I apologize to the people of Ghana for such unpleasant exhibition.

I apologize to all SM fans who felt and still feel slighted by such a move.
My sincere apology to my label, Zylofon Music and also to all my Corporate Partners.

The brand Shatta Wale is a law-abiding one; one that will not do anything untoward to bring it and its partners into disrepute. The brand would also not do anything to affect the sensibilities of the large following and support it commands.

Finally, I apologize to the media for any unfortunate outburst that were directed at them concerning this incident.

Thank you”

-Signed –
Charles Nii Armah Mensah (Shatta Wale)

The sex tape he shared on Snapchat

Shatta Wale, in the video posted on Snapchat, is seen enjoying himself as a woman gave him and his friend a ‘Blow Job’ (Oral sex).

Even though the faces of the guys in the video are not visible, some had suggested that Shatta Wale could be one of the men being pleasured in the video, judging from his voice.

A follow-up video to justify his action

Shatta Wale, released another video right after the sex tape went viral, insulting the media and blaming them for the circulation.

He also intimated that he was having fun and that he did it for his fans and people who “liked his music”.

This affirmed the perception of some people that he was really the one in the video.

Earlier explanations

Before his formal apology, he had said on Zylofon FM that his friend mistakenly uploaded the video using his Snapchat account.

“I logged in my Snapchat on a friend’s phone. He later sent a video on his camera roll and it went on my snap because I had logged in my account with his phone,” he explained.

Later, Naty Lee, a friend of Shatta Wale, also admitted in a Facebook that he shared the video from his phone.

“Shatta movement I want you to help me beg the king shatta wale for dragging his name thru the mud! The video that was posted on his Snapchat earlier was on my fone and it was accidentally posted after he logged in his snapchat account on my phone cos he had a low battery during the thunder fire video shoot. I apologise to the king and the entire Shatta movement empire! I will never sellout.. Forgive me fam…. 4life is our life,” he wrote on Facebook.

Shatta Wale is one of the biggest artistes in Ghana at the moment.

He is known for his controversial and aggressive approach to tackling issues but has endeared himself to a lot of music fans with his music and sense of humour.

Signed on to the Zylofon Music record label, he is known for songs like ‘Kakai,’ ‘Mahama Paper,’ ‘Taking Over,’ ‘Gringo,’ among others.