Meet Rapper GARV; the emerging Hip Hop star from Ghana


Prince Gervin, also known as Garv in the musical sphere is a Ghanaian song writer and rapper based in China. Growing up, he has been listening to Eminem, Nas, Dr. Dre, Obrafo and a lot of underground hip-hop artists.

According to Garv, he has always looked at music as a way to be heard, be it rap gospel or just conscious rap music, and has always been fascinated by how rappers could stick to a topic and rhyme at the same time.

With Garv, doing music at first was all about being cool but in the process, he realized how easy it came to him. He continues to write and record his own music because he loves and enjoys doing it.

Music has always been a part of Garv’s life and he has been actively involved since his days as a young boy singing tenor in the choir. Starting to write music at age 16 is something Garv describes as the point that he came to the realization that he wasn’t only meant to listen to music.

With regards to influences, he acknowledges the church for playing an important role in his creative process. Right from singing in church to drumming in his high school’s choir and then finally having the opportunity to write music and perform in church and religious events.

At the moment two songs have been released by Gary and they are, “who’s real” and “Heavenly”.

Heavenly was inspired by everything Gary has been through and continues to go through. It’s a song that tells you to focus on
whatever it is that makes you happy paying no regard to the obstacles that keep us away from our goals.

As according to Garv, as long as he breathes he will not falter, in making every single beat count as a lyrical masterpiece for the listening ear.

Check out his new single ‘Heavenly’ on youtube…




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