VIDEO: ‘My ex-manager was my fiancé, a liar and a demon, he abused and tortured me so I cheated on him – Singer eShun cries out

VIDEO: ‘My ex-manager was my fiancé, a liar and a demon, he abused and tortured me so I cheated on him - Singer eShun cries out

Ghanaian songstress Ethel Esi Eshun was known in the entertainment industry as eShun has disclosed that ill-treatment from her former manager Stephen Mensah saw her cheat twice on him as she couldn’t bear the pain she was going through and needed someone to take her out of the misery she was going through.

Recounting on what made her cheat in an interview with Zionfelix, the relatively beautiful songstress disclosed that her former fiancé (Stephen Mensah) made falling in love a bit uneasy for her as she lived in fear almost every day in the relationship.

“To outsiders he was my manager but he was my boyfriend. I have been hearing some false information circulating around that I signed a five-year contract with him which is a lie. I’m using Zionfelix’s medium to debunk such rumors and people should see it as a palpable lie. I dare him to bring me the contract we signed thus if we even signed a contract.”

“Stephen saw the talent in me and decided to help me because he was my fiancé. The word was help. There was no verbal contract or whatsoever but to people they saw him to be my manager but there was nothing like that. After a year I realized that wasn’t a relationship I wanted. Our first argument was when he insisted I should come and live in the same house with him which I denied because we weren’t legally married so I didn’t agree to that and that was the beginning of our numerous arguments.  He used to blackmail me anytime I opted out of the relationship. I needed someone to take me out of the ‘bad’ relationship I found myself in, so I cheated twice on him. Stephen thinks I can’t come out and say it because it will be a disgrace for me. I wear that as on ornament now because it’s my past and I don’t regret”, she revealed.

Asked on whether her former manager laid a finger on her, eShun averred that he didn’t and won’t tell lies just to feel good.

“He didn’t touch me but he will make sure he verbally abused me to make sure he has killed my spirit, my self-confidence just to ensure that he becomes the only person I look to him. It got to a point I couldn’t take all that again so I left. It was that bad. And the most annoying part is he wasn’t willing to change. After all these I took a bold step and kissed the relationship a goodbye”, she disclosed.

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