“My Brand Target Is beyond Nominations and Awards” – eShun

Artiste of the Year for the Central Music Awards eShun has stated that her music brand is beyond awards. She said this on Facebook live, replying to an earlier post on Facebook. ‘I put everything into this journey, a brilliant performer, an awesome vocalist I am very discouraging these things that are happening. I QUIT.’ 

The statement begged a lot of questions with some suggesting that she was somehow peeved at the fact that she was declined a nomination for the upcoming VGMA’s hence the post. But the SomeOne Loves Me hit maker said, “My music journey is actually bigger than this, why would I say I quit music, because I didn’t get a nomination from VGMA. That doesn’t make sense.”

“What’s the guarantee that when an artiste gets a nomination they will win that category?’ eShun quizzed on her Facebook Page LIVE (Facebook.com/eShunonline).

“I didn’t ever say anywhere that I quit music. Won’t quit for any other award scheme in the world for that matter; it’s important to know what you have and where you are headed and I know.” eShun added.

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In response to a question by one of the viewers concerning what she hopes to achieve in her career, the electrifying songstress  said she believes she has the best voice in Africa and that she wants to inspire minds and hearts of Africans in particular and the world at large.

The UNCHR High Level Supporter against Statelessness – West Africa, eShun added, “I want my brand to be known and loved by about 50 percent of Africans by the seventh year in my music career, so help me God!”

She also sung her latest reggae tune “Fa me Kor” to her more than 1000 Facebook Page LIVE viewers. She encouraged her fans who are disappointed to cheer up since there are more amazing works she will be putting out soon to inspire and entertain them.

“I believe I work really hard but according to VGMA board they feel others worked harder than I did, so maybe at the right time VGMA will see my works and if they feel I deserve to be nominated and awarded they will nominate and award me”, eShun told her viewers on Facebook LIVE.

The Quophimens Musiq Signed Artiste, eShun, is working on her debut album ‘Untamed’ which was postponed due to the passing of the late Ebony Reigns.


Story By: Ewurama Boateng