Video: Duncan William’s Son Puts Music On Hold To Start Porn0graphy

Duncan William’s Son Puts Music On Hold To Start Pornography

Duncan William’s Son Puts Music On Hold To Start Porn0graphy

Daniel Duncan Williams widely known as DeeWills, son of Arc Bishop William’s on purpose, releases erotic content on his twitter timeline. A few months ago, Deewills was in the news after he posted videos of himself chilling and blowing the blunt.

On the eve of Tuesday, Deewills uploaded a video of himself twerking, stroking his manhood and inserting his middle finger into his butt hole. He followed up this post with another video of himself having a threesome with two naked ladies in an open-air swimming pool facility. This had the caption, ‘Timeline Asleep’, a trending Twitter hashtag where people post very fine photos themselves, gossips, and other interesting content just to create some buzz for twitter users awake at odd times.

A lot of mixed reactions on social media as these videos make a wave. Some have judged his current state as a mental disorder due to abusive drug in-take, others say he’s bored and just wants to have fun. I personally label this nauseating act of his as ‘Clout Chasing’ due to a failed music career.

Deewills is signed to SXO Records, a label I think he personally owns. With a pen game above average, Deewills has a promising music career that needs a little bit of guidance and coaching. Money to fund his career is not a problem due to his rich family background.

Lastly, he updated his Twitter bio with ‘East Legon P0rn Star Onlyfans coming soon’.  Wondering what Onlyfans is? Onlyfans is a platform created for sex workers and p0rn actors to monetize their content.

Watch the erotic contents he posted on his timeline below.