Tracy Boakye’s alleged “naked video” report. Some Ghanaians got Kennedy Agyapong Vindicated

Tracy Boakye’s alleged “naked video” report. Some Ghanaians got Kennedy Agyapong VindicatedWould Tracy Boakye too chase Kennedy Agyapong to apologize if this is really true??

There is a video trending on social media suggesting how Kennedy Agyapong might have got the supposed “naked video” of Tracy Boakye.

Tracy Boakye has been the most Actress who is trending a lot across most social media platforms. The flame of her issues seems not to quench off. This has sparked a lot of Ghanaians throwing jabs at the young popular actress.

Taking you back on Monday, 17th August, 2020, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong made some submissions about Tracy Boakye on Net 2’s seat show hosted by Kweku Annan which made Tracy Boakye very angry, triggering her to make a live video on Facebook and throw jabs at Kennedy Agyapong.

On that live TV show, Kennedy Agyapong told the general public he has in his possession a naked video/picture of Tracy Boakye in which Tracy Boakye also countered and dared Kennedy Agyapong in a live video that, He can bring them out if He truly has that video/picture he’s talking about.

There are several posts circulating on many social media platforms and channels alleging the naked video of Tracy Boakye and one sugar daddy in a car.

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In a post from Oman Channel trending on social media alleges that there was a time some ‘slay queens’ had a fight over a sugar daddy in east legon during a clash and some videos came out in which Kennedy Agyapong received some.

According to the reporter on Oman Channel, one of the ‘Papa no’s drivers, that is one of the sugar daddy’s drivers noticed that, as he drives his boss always, he realized an intimate affair in his boss’s car anytime they picked ‘slay queens’ in the car.

According to the reporter on Oman Channel, the driver of the sugar daddy set up a camera in the car when he observed Tracy Boakye was coming to the sugar daddy that day, so all the intimate affairs that transpired between Tracy Boakye and the sugar daddy was recorded on the phone the driver.

As the reporter on Oman Channel continued to narrate, the driver of the sugar daddy sent the video to the Queen of the slay queens through which most people received this video, and Kennedy Agyapong is not an exception to this. So he further submitted that, if Kennedy Agyapong says he has the naked video of Tracy Boakye, he should not be doubted.

This post got so many Ghanaians talking where some people vindicated Kennedy Agyapong and others threw jabs at Tracy Boakye for daring Kennedy Agyapong.