Nick Cannon Drops Second Eminem Diss Track “Pray For Him”

Nick Cannon and The Black Squad are still waiting for a response.
Nick Cannon isn’t letting up in his pursuit of Eminem. During a recent interview, he said that during the rapper’s feud with Mariah Carey, he felt he should have gone to Detroit, found Marshall, and messed him up. Since then, a decade-long beef has been rehashed. Eminem clapped at the comedian on Fat Joe’s new album, coming through with a flurry of bars directed at Cannon. Once he heard that record, the Wild ‘N’ Out star decided to get his crew involved, inviting The Black Squad to sharpen their lyrical knives and come for one of the greatest of all time. Yesterday, they released a diss track and garnered a lot of attention. Today, they continue with “Pray For Him.”

Although “The Invitation” contained a ton of ammunition that could potentially damage Eminem’s reputation, “Pray For Me” is a little less disrespectful while still housing some nasty bars. Cannon’s goons start off by threatening to empty a clip on Shady, urging Hailie Mathers to get out of the way. Perhaps the most despicable line comes near the middle of the cut when one of the rappers utters the following: “God should’ve took Em and let us keep Juice WRLD.” Yikes.

Listen to the track below and let us know your thoughts. Is this better or worse than yesterday’s joint?

Quotable Lyrics:

You used to be in a position to talk to kids and they’d listen
Now you a politician, you voted for Trump, bitch admit it
They used to call you a menace and the shoe fit, you wore it
But now you getting facelifts like an Instagram whore