LYRICS: TeePhlow – Redemption (Shanti Riddim) Produced By Awaga

( Intro )

Eei eiiie eeeeii eeeeeiui
Ay3 ready ah
Onaa na na na naa naaa

( Verse 1)
Ano the God a serve be real
Ya Allah you Great
Me haw a ebi en dey cam my way
I trust in im so everyday mi pray
So hater no dey fit
Indefinate fi alone me adey

( chorus )
So everyday me ago pray
Jah Jah cam ma way
You the reason fi song i sing !!
So Jah Jah brighten up mi day
Tighten up mi faith
He dey bless me dey make man great
Am sick ina mi head
Na u dey bless me dey make man great
Am sick ina mi heaaad
Aaaaah aaaaah a a aahh
sick ina mi head
Head head head head
Man a sick ina mi head
Head Aaa aaah

( Main rap verse )
Obi sed3 life y3 hard ah menyino dzi
Nanso me nyame na mesom no 3botwer na oma life y3 easy
Atanfo benya woa na ebia ofi wo life ah elead n
Dweneho na time le speed
Mencheap na me too i had a beginning
But efie investor nye manager le reason
Rrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaa !!!!
Ne nyinaa nyame n’aky3dze ah
Breda dweneho na nyame nadom o
S3 nd3 metum y3 me maame nap3dze
Nna offering ah meleb3y3no bankye nyinaa ka ho o
Nna meye amanfo ” la borrow ” ntsi nna me kasa wo shut m
So nd3 me kasa na aha ay3 dzii tsed3 ma wole bo ghana na naija na nigeria ahy3 goal

First na wo cook shows ah wonn add me mpo
So nd3 wo book show no p3 na maagye me dou
Me drop track p3 na boys hon adwen bom
We all get bread but amedzen margarine

Big shouts to all the realers who have seen the vision
Hona wo to cd na hona show ba a wo to ticket
Its ironic how i dont sleep sake of what i dream of
If i ” tell the vision” you go barb why ano get time for TV

Y3 hy3 studio y3 we beat enntum ah p3 ayelo bi dzi
Udey chill adey work we have different priorities
By all means we will make it hw3 megye mpaebo no dzi
When its time to party we go be the majority

( Sing chorus again )

( Outro )
Papa nyame ay3 bi atse
Big shouts to you Awaga
Ghg productions
New era
Spyderlee Entertainment

( Sing chorus again )




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