Upcoming Actress reveals how SWEET her movie director is


-The creative arts & culture comes with so many branches.

-Despite its many branches, much love is been shown to the movie and the Music Industry.

-The system in our setting seem far different compared to those in Europe.

Taking a close look at our movie industry, few production house are always in the limelight with most of them still trying very hard to find their foot embedded strongly on the ground.

As human as we are, each and every one has his or her temperament’s. Some may vary, as they always appear weird to their peers.

A movie director by name @Clement Kofi Amoah of @Royals Entertainment limited seems to have won the heart of an upcoming Actress by name @Stitchesbaako_nie.

In a comment made by Stitches on Snap chat captured

“” my director ‘Clement Kofi Amoah’is so sweet and loving when working with him. He makes u feel very comfortable on set””

In a close conversation with director Clement by GHNKOMO rep,… It happens to be that he has been in the movie industry for quite long. And has produced over 3 massive projects that are available in all media stores.

Project like;

1. My wife my girlfriend

2. In3Days

3. Ghost Seer
With more other projects about to hit your screens..


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