The song ‘vera’ was my turning point – D Black

Rapper Desmond Blackmore, popularly known as D-Black, has revealed that his ‘Vera’ hit song changed his life in 2012.

Speaking in an interview, he said, “I started doing hiplife even though I did not have a firm grip on the local languages like Twi and Ga. I had to do hiplife to be able to survive.

“So between 2010-2011, my first album was a hip-hop album. I got nominated all over the world. I was nominated for BET Awards, Channel O (South Africa) and Ghana Music Awards. But I was broke, I did not have any money at all. So sometimes I go to these countries with less than $200 in my pocket.

“So I came back in 2012 with the intention of working on my 2nd album and I did a song like ‘Vera’ and everything changed in my life.

“From my cloths to my cars to sorting my mum out. Just one hit song. It was not hip-hop, it was hiplife. That album changed my life, so that is the difference,” he stated on Happy FM.

According to the Black Avenue Muzik boss, everything he said in the song ‘Vera’ was a true story. The song was about a lady he met during his secondary school days who slept with his friend.