Shatta Wale Pays His Workers 100 Cedis


Shatta Wale’s supposed God Father, Deportee has made some startling revelation about Shatta Movement boss after he was sacked from the SM camp for embezzling some monies of Shatta Wale.

Deportee in a video on Facebook he captioned “The truth between Deportee & Shatta wale” the former SM member described the SM boss, Shatta Wale as an ungrateful human being.

He mentioned that it was through his brand that Shatta Wale is who he is today.

“Let me tell you, it was through me and the name I built in Nima that Shatta Wale is now who he is. There was no brand like Shatta Wale but it was through me that he became who he is today.”

A sad Deportee mentioned that he has put his life on the line for Shatta Wale on several occasions adding that “you use people to make yourself”.

He also revealed that Shatta Wale does not practice what he preaches and pays his crew a meager amount unlike how he goes around parading himself like he gives them huge amounts.

“Feed your home before you feed outsiders. Your crew members don’t have cars and you give a car to an outsider. You want to be hailed outside. I don’t hate those crew members.”

“Shatta Wale Doesn’t pay his crew. He takes 800 million and give his crew 2 million (GHc 200), 1 million (GHc 100) and sometimes 50 cedis (GHc50),” he said.





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