‘Payola’ is not wrong, musicians must pay – Nero X

While many have viewed the payment of payola as disincentive to Ghana’s music industry, hip life musician Nero X has justified the widespread practice among disc jockeys in the country, insisting musicians must pay.

Though critics have argued the age-long payment of payola is wrong and and many musicians have complained the practice is costing them their career but Nero X believes it is a good practice and incentive to DJs.

For him, payola is not bribe as some critics have held but rather a show of appreciation.

Payola is a local term in Ghana used to refer to monetary payments made by musicians and music producers to DJs to influence them to play musicians songs.

“I don’t even call it ‘payo’, I call it appreciation and you need to pay. As an artiste, it is a mandate,” Nero X stated on Oil City Mix show on Takoradi-based Connect 97.1FM.

Born Joseph Nkrumah Buabeng, Nexo X contended it is mandatory for every musician to show ‘appreciation’ as he described ‘payola’.

He argued that the DJs like other professionals, ply their trade for financial gains just like musicians do, and that if a musician craves for their song to get maximum attention, then they are required to pay DJs to do that for them.

Nero X explained that unlike other jurisdictions where DJs chase musicians for new contents to play, the opposite is the case in Ghana, something he wants Ghanaian musicians adapt to it.

He however entreated DJs to be lenient with up and coming musicians with their demands.

“If you don’t have it, they (DJs) will understand you and they will promote you. However, if you have the means, you must make it a point to pay,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Takoradi born artiste is currently embarking on a campaign against Tramadol abuse in the country.

He is expected to tour some Senior High Schools in the Western Region to sensitize the youth on the implications of abusing the prescribed-only drug.

Source: 3News.com