Official Activities: Oguaa Fetu Afahye 2017 Edition

Oguaa Fetu Afahye is a traditional festival celebrated yearly by the custodians of the land as well as the good people of Cape Coast. This festival is also patronized by sympathizers across the world.

The festival has been in existence and celebrated for the past 54 years.

This year’s theme for the celebration is ‘The Falling Standard Of Education In The Cape Coast Metropolis, Stake Holder’s Responsibilities’.

These are highlights of the officially approved events and ceremonies for this year’s Oguaa Fetu Afahye

Tuesday, 1st August,2017: ban on drumming, noise making, fishing in the Fosu Lagoon @ Papratam @ 4am

Wednesday 16th August, 2017: Sanitation Day @ Emintsimadze @6am

Thursday 17th August,2017: Lifting of ban on drumming and noise making @ 4am

Thursday 17th August,2017: Total ban on funerals @ 4am

Thursday 17th August,2017: Bonfire by Asafo Companies @At various Asafo posts (1- 7 companies) @ 7pm

Saturday 26th August, 2017 : Environmental sanitation day @ All communities in the Cape Coast Metropolis

Saturday 26th August, 2017 : First Harvest Presentation to Omanhen & Chiefs by Market Women To Emintsimadze Palace @ 2:00pm

Sunday 27th August, 2017: Choral Concert @ Emintsimadze Palace @ 5pm

Monday August 28th : Akoms Night At Nana Fosu Shrine @ 5pm

Tuesday August 29th: Lifting of ban on fishing in the Fosu lagoon & Regatta/ [email protected] 1:00pm.

Wednesday August 30th: Youth ColloquiumAt The Emintsiamdze Palace : 1:00pm

Thursday August 31st : Women’s [email protected] (CCYA/Blood donations) at Ato Austin Gardens 10:00am /
@Children’s Day @ Victoria Park @ 10am
2nd Akoms Night @ Papratem @ 9pm

@Miss Fetu Afahye 2017 @ Samrit Hotel @ 8:00PM

Friday September 1st: @ Mass for Nananom @ Christ Church Anglican @ 6:30am
Oman [email protected] Paparatem @ 9am
Oman Gathering At Emintsiadze Palace @ 12pm

Saturday September 2nd: Grand [email protected] Victoria Park @ 9:00 am. Procession from Mfantsipim School junction through the principal streets of Cape Coast

Sunday September 3rd : Interdenominational Thanksgiving Service @ Victoria Park
Football Match (Cape Coast North VS Cape Coast South) at Cape Coast Sports Stadium @ 3pm

Monday , 11th September, 2017 : Lifting of ban on funerals

By Ekow Simpson/