Mzbel Wants To Rebrand And This Is The New Name She Wants To Use

Rebranding is a tool available to any entity, individual or corporate, who really want to get out of a particular identity and move to a new one.

It can be done at any time, whether you are doing well currently or not, and it’s mostly to signal a change which is expected to bring better results.

In Ghana, many stars have gone through rebranding, and for some it has worked magnificently well. The biggest success story is Shatta Wale, whose career as Bandana was dead and buried but rebranded as loudmouthed, dancehall king Shatta Wale and he’s now literally a king.

Samini also rebranded, changing from his hiplife persona Batman to a dancehall one. And arguably the greatest music group in Ghanaian history, VIP, recently came out as VVIP. So it’s quite a successful tool to utilize.

One person who wants to utilize rebranding is Mzbel, whose career has been stagnating in recent years. According to her, she really wishes to be known as Nene Padiki going forward but she doubts it would work for her because people are too used to Mzbel.

“You see Bandana changed to Shatta Wale, Batman to Samini and it worked for them but with me it’s not possible… it won’t work for me because even now on the street people still call me Mzbel and the name Mzbel makes people a lot of money,” she said.

“Even if I change, I won’t benefit from it. I wish I could change and call myself ‘Nene Padiki’ or ‘Nene’ or ‘Padiki’” the singer added.