My Mum Didn’t Want Me To Do Music Because Of Nudity – Ajoa Reveals

Fast-rising singer Ajoa has revealed that her mum didn’t want her to do music because of the nudity in the industry. Recently nudity has become rampant in Ghanaian entertainment industry whereby famale celebs are showing flesh day in day out just to get attention.

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central’s drive time, the “Wasted Love” singer narrated how her mother nearly stopped her from doing music because of these inappropriate dressing by female celebs. “Beginning my mother had problem.

My father knows I like music and it doesn’t matter the kind of music I sing but my mum didn’t understand because of the nudity in the industry so she wasn’t supportive but later my management sat her down and explain to it’s not every time that you have to show flesh because people are doing music without showing flesh. Later my mum came to understand and the whole family is supporting now”, she divulged.

Ajoa also disclosed that with the kind of brand and aspirations she has, nudity won’t be the best option for her. She is not against it but she believes nudity won’t take her to where she wants be in future. “To me I think it’s not always about being nude, you have to brand yourself in a way.

Though we are local artists, we will do programs in Ghana but I’m aspiring to go international and I don’t think nudity will take me to where I want to be. Everyone thinks differently, some think going naked will attract people and sell their brands more but that’s not for me”, she added. Ajoa is currently promoting her 2nd single “Makoma” and also shooting videos for debut single “Wasted Love” and “Mokoma” as well.

Source: Wyse Brain