Six major habits that are causing you to lose relationships

When relationships end, most people like to believe it was the fault of the other partner and they were simply victims. But this isn’t always the case.

Failure to accept that you might have played a part in the demise of your relationship will cause you to keep repeating the same mistakes.
Therefore it is important to do a bit of introspection to determine if there are behaviors you exhibit that are causing you to lose relationships.

Below are habits that could cause people to gradually lose interest in being in a relationship with you.

1. Wanting to win every argument:

Trying to win every argument will cause you to lose friends and lovers. In relationships, you shouldn’t argue to win or to show mental superiority. Arguments should be done with the aim of stating your point and trying to understand the other’s point.

There are civil ways to argue without undermining or insulting your partner. When your aim in every argument is to have the last word, you will make communication with your partner difficult.

With time, they’ll begin to avoid having discussions on certain topics with you, for fear that it will spiral into another bitter argument. When this happens, it means your relationship is nearing its end. After all, why are you still together if you can’t communicate in a sane and mature manner?

2. Not accepting your fault:

There are people who are in the habit of believing they are always right and every other person is wrong. These people blame everyone but themselves. As a result, they can never get better or do better because they are not even willing to acknowledge that they have a problem.

If you want to increase your chances of making your relationship work, accept your fault whenever you are wrong and apologize.

Even when you do not feel that you are wrong, if your partner feels slighted, try to apologize. I’ll like to believe your relationship is more important than your ego.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong.” is such a short sentence but it has saved many relationships.

Shifting blames will only push your partner away.

3. Not paying close attention to your hygiene.

Relationships, especially romantic ones, require some level of intimacy. And who wants to get intimate with a person who they are irritated by? It is important to pay special attention to your hygiene when you are in a relationship. This is because it’s no longer just about you anymore.

No matter how much a person loves you, if your poor hygiene disgusts them, they will leave you eventually or distance themselves from you.

4. Being self-centered

A relationship is about two people – at least conventional relationships are. When you make it all about yourself, you lose the other person and it’s only a matter of time before they walk away.

As much as you want the other person to make you feel special and loved, they also want same. It’s unhealthy for your relationship if you keep expecting but never give.

Give as much as you want to receive in a relationship. If you want to be easily forgiven, be quick to forgive too. If you want to be valued, value your partner.

5. Being insensitive to the other’s needs and feelings.

When you do not pay close attention to how your partner is feeling, they get the sense that they are alone. This will cause them to go in search of the companionship they aren’t getting from you.

When your partner is going through anything, they expect you to be there for them. To be there for them, you need to pay attention to them to be able to sense when something is wrong or when they need you.

6. Lack of respect for your partner.

Every human craves respect, no matter their gender. When you constantly disrespect your partner, you give the impression that you do not value them and that you’re not afraid to lose them.

Respect your partner by avoiding those things you know they cannot accept or endure. Give them the same level of respect you wish to get from them.

The habits listed above cause you to lose not only romantic relationships but also other forms of relationships like friendships, work relationships, etc. If your relationships matter to you, you will put in the work and avoid habits that will push others away.