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Hello….. I’m Klarah Kay and I want to send a message to all the responsible ladies there…
Men are not handbags that you hold on to tightly so that he doesn’t get stolen. Your behaviour towards him will either make him stay or leave and for a man who stays, you have to be someone he can relate to with intellectually. Therefore as a lady, you have to keep yourself intellectually fascinating for your man.
If your man is not RICH it doesn’t mean you can put up any behaviour towards him sweetheart you knew who he was and still went ahead to accept to go out with him.
Be that lady who builds up a future with her man not the one who come in to enjoy for Esther Odili once said a lady has to motivate her man in all his endeavours… Bring out the best in him, help him achieve his dreams by motivating him and complimenting his achievements…
Even if your man is not able to surprise you with gifts and spends most of his time with you that’s the most valuable thing someone can ever give to you for there’s a saying time is money..
Be vigilant too because there are fraudsters out there who are not working and can give you all the time in this world and please don’t fall for that investigate well before you take an action..
Flirt with your man. Don’t make him feel because he’s not having money you don’t appreciate him. Make him feel safe with you and build upon your trust with him..




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