Is Zodiac, B4Bonah and LA Meme gang taking advantage of Ypee’s “JUMPIN” song to release another “JUMPING” song ??

Going through our twitter today we came across yet to be released song titled “jumping”by Zodiac ft B4bonah and LA Meme gang and title is the same as ypee’s new song.

The Question everyone is asking is?

Is MiMLife Record Label Producer Zodiac and LA Meme gang taking advantage of the hype from the X Two Entertainment frontline artist Ypee’s latest jamming single titled “Jumpin” which was released last Friday, the song hasn’t lasted for a week but the song is trending across various tertiary institutions in the country. There is a line in Ypee’s song which says “wope vibez aa bisa darko”, could it be because of this line which Darko vibes who is the leader of the LA Meme gang was given the shout outs which made people  tag him with the song. And it could be that he listening to the song he decided to a track with the same title.

And we asking why the title jumpin?  We know Ypee and his management won’t be happy about this. But there has been many allegation in the music industry about using a term initiated by another person like Azonto  BieGya Tonga and many others.

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