I’ll Dominate Dancehall Soon – Mz Freeze warns

Ghanaian female dancehall artiste, Cynthia Mills, popularly known as Mz Freeze in showbiz has retorted in a recent interview that she will dominate the dancehall music soon in Ghana.
In an interview Mz Freeze granted to www.Ebonygh.com, she bragged that she is the only female dancehall musician who understands the genre.
According to her, most of the so-called dancehall musicians are not doing real dancehall because they lack the basic dancehall element.

She is full of hopes of changing the face of dancehall in Ghana pretty soon.
She said;
“I’m here to change the face of dancehall music in Ghana. Our people must enjoy the real Ghana dancehall and that is”, I will dominate and take over dancehall soon.”
“I am the only true dancehall musician in Ghana, the others are just bluffs.”
She continued to say that, most of the self-acclaimed dancehall songs we hear in Ghana are either RnB or ‘Asokpo”
“It’s so sad when some artistes sing RnB but will go ahead and call it dancehall.

These things must change”.
When asked what she is bringing on to change the face of dancehall in Ghana, her answer was that she is coming with the real Ghana dancehall with dancehall dynamics.
By dancehall dynamics, Mz Freeze explains that the genre comes with attitude, stagecraft, good and positive vibe.

The passionate songstress stressed that if an artiste claimed to be doing dancehall then it should be dancehall and not ‘asokpo’ but even if its dancehall, attitude must be in it.
“If it’s dancehall it should be dancehall, not asokpo. Even if its dancehall it must have an attitude in it”.
Source: www.Ebonygh.com