I quit driving after crushing 3 cars in an accident – Atemuda reveals

Hilarious young Jankatown star, Atemuda has revealed how he almost lost his life in an accident he crushed three cars together in a role with his master’s car while learning how to drive

He revealed the accident got people around clapping for him when he was taken out of the vehicle, he added this got him very afraid to a point that he decided to quite driving and rather concentrate on his acting career.

He thanked Jankatown star,  Too-much for recommending him to his director Solomon Bosomtwi Sam who didn’t hesitate in featuring him in Jankatown part 5 and 6, Vow of silence, Tanganyika etc.

When asked by  Kweku Bee Abrante, host of Hangoutwith KBA on Wizgh TV whether he has ever smoked before,  Atemuda denied ever smoking or drinking, saying drugs can be very addictive and expensive so he wouldn’t want to start at all. He used the opportunity to appeal to youngsters to desist from smoking or drinking habits before they get addictive.

Speaking on politics, Atemuda hinted he would want to one day become the president of Ghana despite his low level of education.
Atemuda has recently released a new song
Source: Kweku Bee Abrante/ Wizgh Tv