Greediness ‘Killing’ Gospel Music Industry – Jay Peacock

Australia-based Ghanaian musician and Pastor, Jay Peacock has identified Greediness as the biggest problem in the Ghanaian Gospel music industry.
According to Jay Peacock who visited Ghana recently to promote his music said,  he has realized that the industry is not growing as expected because there is so much Greediness among the musicians themselves.
He reposted to Us;
“The gospel industry is just same as I left the shores of Ghana some years ago. There is no growth at all because of Greediness”.
He added, everyone is fighting for his or her own self interest and not for the kingdom.
“During my short visit to Ghana, I realized that the musicians are not fighting for a common goal which is the kingdom of God but they are fighting for one self interest”.
Jay Peacock advised that Gospel musicians in Ghana should do away with all the greedy lifestyle and practice what they preach so they can see the power of God in action.
Jay Peacock under the Jay Music Label has released several powerful songs like:
Am a soldier
Spiritual Commando
Jay P
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