Free Downloads Killing The Music Industry – Afrikaba Ronnie

As i sit back to watch what is going on in the Ghana music industry I sometimes shed tears. I see no good future in it. The worst thing killing our industry is where music lovers and business people get the end products of young men and women’s sweat for free. Since the sales of CDs are not more fashioning properly here in Ghana, if an upcoming artiste don’t get a good paying show to perform, then he or she moves on the street struggling to get a means to finance a new work.

Bloggers get free access to songs and push them on their sites and when people download them. The singer, composer, producer and investors on that specific song don’t get a penny from it. This is killing our industry drastically and if authorities don’t take measures against it, there will be a time no one will go to the recording studio to do a song. When you compare what’s is going on here to our nearby country Nigeria, its not like this.

Every song you download online you would have to pay for it as equally as America and other European countries. Ghana Music has gone a long way to the age that we need to be matured in business aspect to benefit every one for a creative work. I will keep pushing this agenda thus I plead all industry players to join hands with me to make it possible as early ad possible.