Europe tour: Samini apologises for no-show in Berlin

Africa 1 Media, handlers of Samini have rendered an apology to fans who went to see him perform in Berlin.

They further apologised to the management of the venue, band, hospitality agencies and the management of the performing acts who also billed for the show.

This apology comes as a result of the artiste’s inability to be present for the show at Huxley’s Neue Welt for 31st May and 9th June, due to unforeseen circumstances.

That was going to be the first show for his 2018 European Tour, put together by Afro Melt Down.
“We would further like to acknowledge Afro Melt Down for all their contributions to the Samini brand as a European Agency and confirm that Afro Melt Down is a credible and reliable event organizing firm,” they stated.

According to Afica 1 Media, they are still working around the clock to fulfil the obligations at a later date to the numerous fans that came for the event.