Lilwin flaunts newly ‘acquired’ V8 to mock Funny Face

Lilwin flaunts newly ‘acquired’ V8 to mock Funny Face

Lilwin is matching Funny Face boot for boot in their cooking beef which is catching attention online.

The beef started when the Kumawood superstar chastised the Ghana Movie Award organizers for adjudging Funny Face 2019 Favourite Actor whilst people like Akrobeto and himself are around and excelling in their careers better than Funny Face.

The comment infuriated the “Kasoa Trotro” actor and descended on Lilwin, describing him as someone who is obvious and will end miserably.

Since then, the two comic actors have been throwing subliminal shots at each other and Lil Win has launched a fresh attack on Funny Face.

Funny Face whilst flaunting the new car he picked from Adebayor, gifted a fan cash. Few hours later, Lilwin also gifted a student GHC1000 to go and pay his fees.

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The Kumawood actor proceeded a newly acquired 2020 Land Cruiser, with a hypeman of his saying, ‘this one was bought with cash’.

The video ended with the “cut it” phrase which Funny Face says often to end his videos.

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