It’s my time; all young dancehall acts must remain indoors – Kahpun

It’s my time; all young dancehall acts must remain indoors – Kahpun

Reggae/dancehall in Ghana continues to grow as we see more talents working tirelessly towards the mainstream stage.

One artiste who is in this category of young dancehall artistes making strides is Kahpun.

Face of Fante Dancehall and Higher Heightz Army General, Kahpun has said with authority that he is the next biggest dancehall artiste in Ghana.

Kahpun says he considers era as his time as he asks all other dancehall artistes apart from Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale to wait for their time.

Kahpun made the bold claims in an interview with Zion Felix when he was asked if he knew or heard of Jupitar, Epixode, and AK Songstress.

“I have heard of Jupitar, Epixode, and AK Songstress but I’m not in a competition with any of them. They may all be doing their own things in different ways and patterns, maybe their time is past or now coming but all I’m saying is: this is my time and that’s what I am working towards right now,” Kahpun explained.

The Excuse Me Miss hitmaker took the opportunity to discuss the media and music industries when asked to share his opinion.

I believe aside me there are a lot of other great talents who are working very hard just like the few names we see and hear every day and I call on all media to focus and pay much attention to other artists’ projects in order to showcase them.

The music industry is stagnant and we see the same faces every day and it’s kind of boring; there should be systems and structures put in place to help open the game so new ones can come in with different energies and dynamism…If that happens the industry will grow better than what we have now,” Kahpun added.

Kahpun is currently on the road to “Mainstream Greatness” with a brand new banger titled “Business” off his “MyStoryMySongEP”.