Have Been Tagged the Black Sheep of The Family – Comedian Ajeezay

Have Been Tagged the Black Sheep of The Family - Comedian Ajeezay

Ghanaian stand up comedian known as Ajeezay the Nonfa King has opened up about the deep secrets and challenges he faced whiles growing up in pursuit of his dreams as a comedian

Christened Nathaniel Mensah, he was born into a family of social economy Class B and by a father who was a lawyer by profession. During a live interview session with renowned blogger Zion Felix, he revealed a background of his that was quite amazing and surprising.

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“I gained my basic education at Twifo Nyinasi Catholic JHS and further continued with High School education at Nsaba Senior High. Then later I continued to the tertiary level at the University of Cape Coast where I offered Bachelor of Science in Education with majors in Chemistry and Biology and graduated with first-class honors”. He revealed.

It was then that the question was raised by the blogger why he chose comedy over good grades. He claimed that he did that out of pure passion and nothing else. He realized that he has a passion for comedy after he finishes with his National Service.

” I have been doing comedy for the past 8 years that is since 2012. My parents are not in support of what am doing because most of my family members are into business and respectable position in life. As a result of my decision, I have tagged a black sheep in the family. I really felt as an outcast. But comedy was and is my passion.” He said sadly.

He went on further to talk about his first comedy show in UCC and how he was told he wouldn’t make it as a comedian because he wasn’t funny.

Source: www.aacehypez.net