Should Gospel Musicians Be Criticized?

Gospel musicians all over the world are perceived by many as ‘clean’ and ‘spotless’. But can I blame the section of us with this perception? No, because so long as this saying (practice what you preach) is in existence, their actions no matter who they are should tally with the contents of their songs. Thus any behavior of theirs that contradicts what they preach in their songs stands to be criticized.

Here are few typical examples: Kwaw Kese cheating on his wife is so normal; Sonni Badu when caught in the same will come under an uncountable number of insults and criticisms. ‘Bubu’ is the most suitable attire for the female gospel musician; any thing contrary to that is termed indecent. But the question I always find myself asking is are they not equally as human as we are?

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By: Hasiya Parkie