Ghana’s Top Female Painter Honored as “Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation”

2020 10 22 07 46 IMG 1487She changed the art game of which is well male-driven and escalated it to a different level of understanding of what is it today.

The GOWA Awards 2020 bestowed the honor of Ghana’s Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation onto Ghana’s leading female painter/muralist, Anita-Pearl Ankor who so happened to put her science educational certificate aside to cash out from her passion as a muralist.

Her passion for what she does was influenced by her childhood quest to scribble on the wall, draw on furniture, and do diagrams on blackboards. For now, it has nothing to do with her degree in Agriculture Science Post Harvest.

Anita Pearl, mostly labeled/known as “The Female Painter” has generated fabulous piece of arts within the country and left her iconic marks on the busy streets of Ghana’s capital city Accra of which includes the current murals (arts) seen around the Tetteh Quarshie and Ako Adjei interchange.

2020 10 22 07 46 IMG 1489

At the GOWA Awards, a humanitarian initiative to honor and award women involved in social change, organized by ASKOF Productions, Anita-Pearl Ankor battled the said category ‘Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation” out with other prominent Ghanaian women and bagged it away for her unbeatable outstanding works for social change.

Congratulations to Ghana’s best female painter/muralist on her esteemed honor as the country’s “Most Outstanding Woman in Innovation” as presented by GOWA Awards with supports from ASKOF Productions.

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