Elephant Man Gets Blasted By Dancehall Fans For Dissing God

The dancehall veteran says that is not the case because he is actually promoting prayer and faith in his new song, “Jesus Take The Wheel.” The track features elements of gospel and dancehall music. While he intended it to be a positive single, Elephant Man is getting some push back from some fans who feel like he is disrespecting God.

“Ja [Jamaica] has become an island of partying and all around the world people have been celebrating from the year start into carnival season, Easter weekend or spring break and straight back to summer,” Elephant Man said. “This song is just giving them a heads up to remember God in everything them do because this minute the vibes can sweet and next minute it can sour.”

Some fans argued that Elephant Man is promoting drinking and driving as long as Jesus take the wheel. “Sounds like you’re promoting drinking and driving as long as Jesus takes the wheel smh,” one fan said while another added, “How about not drink and drive instead of doing something you know is wrong then asking God to see you through.”

Elephant Man dancehall

Elephant Man dancehall artist

Ele added that he didn’t expect to get the response that he is getting currently after releasing the song because he is singing about real life situations that are happening in his homeland. He pointed out recent car accidents involving popular dancehall artists like Munga Honourable and Aidonia.

“The song is also to let the artistes of dancehall know with summer approaching, songs like Jesus Take The Wheel are relevant,” Elephant Man continues.

While he is getting sharp criticisms from some quarters of dancehall, Elephant Man is getting some support from some members of the local Christian community including Pastor Stephen Blake, also known as the Dancehall Pastor.

Source: urbanislandz.com