E.L To Sign Deal With Jay Z’s Roc Nation?

Reigning artist of the year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA 2016) and CEO of BBNz, Elorm Adablah also known by his stage name E.L could soon be signing to Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

Speaking exclusively to multi platform content creator NY DJ in an interview on BTM Afrika, E.L who looked surprised that anyone knew of this information revealed both parties were in talks and that his team would revisit the topic should he return to the States.

“We were over there. We had a great conversation with them and we’re gonna go back and wrap things up with.. so I’m not confirming anything but it’s always very good to have a good network of people because you never know when they are gonna come into play and now they know who E.L is, they know who BBNz is. We are just making right connections.

E.L is however not in a rush to sign to any other label considering some of the challenges that come with it. Asked if he was really looking forward to signing to the label, E.L stated saying;

“The thing about signing with a major record label is you might not want to do that depending on the kind of artist you are, you have to balance that against the kind of deal that you get from them.

Some people would just want to make you sign and sell your soul. That means they are gonna dictate to you everything and the kind of artist I am, I am too free spirited and my art is too pure to be restricted or to be dictated to so it’s not really like I’m looking for a record label or E.L is trying to sign with this record label but we have to find a perfect balance.

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