Dhat Gyal and Chikel Baby throw shots to each other after releasing new singles

Dhat gyal and chikel baby who both has released their newest singles “welcome to Africa” by Dhat gyal and “Free Chop” by Chikel baby has throw shots to each on social media and both fans from these young celebrities are talking about this

Dhat gyal wrote on  her Facebook page after the premier of her new single that she didn’t want to talk about some stuffs but is becoming too much and she see lot of hate in the ghana music industry as most upcoming female artiste trying to hate or ride on her for fame which she think won’t help our industry she made a reference to late ebony video which she was also complaining bitterly about the unity among female musicians in Ghana and also claim she is was from grass that God has lift her and won’t do or say anything that will harm her in the future…on the other side chikel respond to the post with confidence and as someone who is ready for anything by saying the Ghana industry is not for only talented artiste but is about knowing and understanding the industry and how to play along so one shouldn’t be offended when it comes to ridding on one for is all part that makes our industry strong!

Yes and I think they both have a point looking critically at both post Dhat gyal was trying to make things easy whiles Chikel believe the industry is for the strongest and this has got many fans from both camp talking watch images below…

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