Bullying Is Shatta Wale’s Strategy To Keep His Name Going – Stonebwoy


Shatta Wale is a household name. No debating that. The multiple award-winning artist and self-acclaimed dancehall king, has been Ghana’s biggest dancehall artist for a while now.

The enigmatic factor about Shatta Wale is the manner in which he has risen to global prominence. Fame and riches are the end product of every musician’s toil. However, Shatta Wale achieved them with a totally different and unheard of strategy.

And this unheard strategy employed by Shatta Wale is “bullying” according to Livingstone Etse Satekla, commonly known as Stonebwoy. To Stonebwoy, he has nothing against Shatta Wale although they can’t be friends.

Speaking to SVTV Africa, Stonebwoy explained that although he has no grudge against Shatta wale he prefers to stick to himself rather than mingling with someone who badmouths him.

“If we are to collaborate and make music that’s fine but for us to be friends is not possible, I don’t go around talking anyhow so I can’t mingle with people who behave as such.”

Dancehall artistes Stonebwoy and Shatta wale are known by most music enthusiast as enemies without any valid known reason. The rivalry between the two have often descended into rather depressing depths. At a point, Shatta Wale mocked Stonebwoy’s handicapped legs and even his family’s social status.

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