Becca’s Mother Exposes Singer’s Nigerian Husband After He Called Her A Witch(Video)

It seems the marriage of Becca and his Nigerian husband, Daniel Oluwa Tobi is on the verge of collapsing as the latter stopped the singer from seeing his mother and called her a witch.

However, the biological mother of Becca, Julie Yiadom-Oti has addressed the report of his son-in-law accusing her of witchcraft and cutting ties with her daughter in a recent interview.

In an interview with Chris Vincent Agyapong on facebook, the livid mother of the singer confirmed rift with the son-in-law.

She revealed that her daughter, Becca has refused to talk to her for close to one year.

Madam Julie further revealed that the singer even failed to inform her when she was pregnant.

The infuriated mother of Becca in the interview also revealed that her daughter’s Nigerian Husband Tobi around the time of his marriage ceremony in August 2018 suggested that she should stay off her daughter’s life.

According to her, she is not surprised that Tobi is accusing her of being a witch and turning her own daughter against her.

Madam Julie indicated that she advised Becca as a mother to be very careful of how she manages her finances prior to ‘their’ marriage and that did not go down well with Tobi.

She opined that she was only performing her duty as a mother and that if Tobi was a thief whose main focus was on Becca’s money.

She divulged that Tobi is a thief and thinks she is stealing from her daughter as well.

“I’m not the one in charge of Becca’s finances, the only advice I give her constantly is that she should be careful of how her wealth is managed. But since Tobi is a thief, a thief always thinks another thief is coming to steal something from him, Of course when you’re the husband, you have to take care of the family, but the fact that you’re a thief you think that I’m coming to steal from my own daughter? If you want to chop all her money that’s up to him, and her,”  Becca’s mother disclosed in an interview with Chris Vincent on facebook monitored by