Zibah – New Beginning

Zibah - New Beginning

Zibah – New Beginning

UK based Ghanaian Gospel Sensational musician and gifted songwriter, Zibah returns back to deliver this impressive single she titled “New Begining”

Zibah’s “New Beginning” is a powerful gospel song that encapsulates the essence of hope, redemption, and embracing the transformative power of faith.
The song’s lyrics convey a message of moving forward, leaving behind the past, and stepping into a new chapter of life with unwavering conviction.

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With the line “It’s too late to go back now,” the song emphasizes the notion that once we have encountered the divine grace and guidance, we are compelled to let go of our past burdens, regrets, and mistakes. It serves as a reminder that when we find solace in the love and forgiveness of a higher power, there is no turning back. Instead, we are encouraged to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, in pursuit of a brighter future.

“New Beginning” by Zibah is a powerful gospel song that resonates with those seeking hope, healing, and a fresh start in their lives. Through its compelling lyrics and uplifting melody, the song inspires listeners to embrace the transformative power of faith and walk confidently into a future filled with God’s grace and abundant blessings.