DJ Manni – Busy Signal Hot Head Mixtape

DJ Manni – Busy Signal Hot Head Mixtape

DJ Manni – Busy Signal Hot Head (Mixtape) mp3 download. One Side Family and Olass Entertainment presents this lovely Mixtape by DJ Manni titled “Busy Signal Hot Head”.

The mixtape contains most of the trending songs of Jamaican dancehall musician Busy Signal.

1.Busy Signal – Night Shift
2.Busy Signal – Free Up
3.Busy Signal – Watch Me Now
4.Busy Signal – No Problem
5.Busy Signal – World Crisis
6.Busy Signal – Great Men
7.Busy Signal – Out Of Many
8.Busy Signal – HOLD A MEDI
9.Busy Signal – ABY DANCE
10.Busy Signal – TEMPTED TO TOUCH
11.Busy Signal – WELL PREPARED
12.Busy Signal – EYE PON MI
13.Busy Signal – GOOD GOOD LOVIN x MAJOR D
14.Busy Signal – BASHMENT GIRL
15.Busy Signal – YOW
16.Busy Signal – DANGER ZONE
17.Busy Signal – FACE DIEM A BEN UP
18.Busy Signal – PREE MAN SUH
19.Busy Signal – BREDDA BREDDA
20.Busy Signal – DEM NUH BAD
21.Busy Signal – DWLY
22.Busy Signal – AHH HAA
23.Busy Signal – TRUST DEM
25.Busy Signal – REAL BORN GYALLIS
26.Busy Signal – WET SPLIFF
27.Busy Signal – SEARCH NO MORE
28.Busy Signal – FRESH FROM YARD
29.Busy Signal – EXPENSIVE ORDER
30.Busy Signal – WE OUT DEH
31.Busy Signal – GYAL RUN INNA BED
32.Busy Signal – BOU YAH
33.Busy Signal – BWOY FULL A CHAT
34.Busy Signal – DAWG
35.Busy Signal – REAL BAD BOYS

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DJ Manni – Busy Signal Hot Head Mixtape mp3