LYRICS: Stonebwoy – Migraine


Hear Me High Grade
Just through Lack of knowledge
Inna This ah Aiwa (time)
And Through Eye Red
Whole Heap Ah Things I see
And hear say Ah Gwaan
Dem Ah Gimme Migraine
Man And Man chose To Go Move
Inna Dirty Direction
That Haffi Dem Migraine
I can’t take a pill for Another Mans Pain..


I have a Golden Heart
Chat dem A Chat 24Parrot
If them Say A Beef Send Me Some Carrot
I Man A lion No Move Like A Rat
Earth Lock , No Space Deh Ah Jupiter
For All The Man Way A Move Like Lucifer
And I’m in the News Everyday Like Lupita
Breaking Records
Me No Weh Yuh A Hate Me For

Wish Me Bredda Bad
Then A No Me that
Mama Never Grow Me An Idiot
One Man Killer
Me No Step Alone
Run Down Jam Dung To T.Dot
Man A Bad Man Stacking The Mulla
As Long As I No Go End Up Inna No Cooler
That’s Why Man A Speed Fast
And Ah Rough Up And Cut Off The Road Like Scissors